Zahra Tayob ‘I am a PinkStig Cub’

Zahra Tayob is another of the PinkStig Cubs and by her father’s stitch, she is really fearless and an exciting player. He believes that their approach of simply enjoying the game and some fine coaching and mentoring are instilling all the right ingredients to become a formidable player in the feature.

Her dad Sheraz of Brits adds: “Zahra Tayob started playing golf at the young age of 7. She is a natural in sports, which was evident in her participation in her school soccer team.

Zahra with her dad Sheraz Tayob
Zahra Tayob with her dad Sheraz

Unfortunately, she had to put sports on hold for two years due to an accident that broke her wrist. Under the guidance of her coach Roy Yates she won many events in her age group in various tournaments. In the last four months her handicap has dropped from 15 to 9 with the help of her new coach Jhon Dickson, at Copperleaf Golf Club. Zahra recently won a golf day event in Rustenburg, where she, the only woman in the event, played against 68 men. Zahra’s goal is to achieve a scratch level handicap. With two more years left  of school we look forward to see where her passion and natural ability for golf takes her. “

Zahra Tayob is excited to join the PinkStig cubs at the inaugural PinkStig Invitational taking place at Sun City. When she was asked about the occasion ahead she reply: “I cannot wait to see all the pro’s. This will be my first time and having my mom caddy for me is a dream come true.” 


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  1. Saleem Satch Pillay says:

    A great initiative by the founder’s of Pinkstig , may they efforts be blessed with phenomenal results.

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