Press Release: The name of the Tsunami is ‘PINKSTIG’

Unimedia Pro in association with Sun International’s much-awaited PinkStig Invitational and the induction of Sally Little into the SA Hall of Fame will be taking place on the 28th November 2016 at The Lost City Golf Course, Sun City.

Werner Kapp UniMedia Pro and Rob Dalton of Sun International

The PinkStig Invitational is a new and an exciting brand showcasing women’s professional golf in sunny South Africa.  The event will showcase some of our countries aspiring pro golfers, amateurs and PinkStig Cubs, giving them the opportunity to meet and compete more. The events will see family, friends and sponsors all enjoying the talent on offer at Lost City Golf Course.

Sun International’s enthusiasm and ability to see the potential of the PinkStig Initiative has added impetus in the sails of UniMedia Pro.

Our field of players at this event will include 18 local professional players, 3 international players and several young amateurs who are on the brink of turning pro. Our main focus is to locally manufacture our players and attract more international events to South Africa. This retention of existing talent will realize more competition, more broadcasting of women’s golf on all media platforms and increase the value of local player’s management.

The gala dinner event will see Sally Little, legendary golfer who has won 15 tournaments and 2 majors be inducted into the SA Hall of Fame, ensuring the baton is passed onto the current pro’s who in turn are able to reach out to our champions such as Sally.

Furthermore, the amateur players receive the experience of playing with a pro.

The PinkStig initiative is a catalyst in the golfing fraternity for corporate and stakeholders to understand the value of women’s golf, and its traction out in the market place on and off the golf course.

This campaign has received much media attention and the time has come for UniMedia to showcase SA women’s golf talent. UniMedia Pro has ensured prize money of R100 000 for the PINKSTIG INVITATIONAL inaugural, on the 28th November and wishes to increase this by 2017 for the upcoming series to be announced at the gala dinner.

To all our ladies playing in the PinkStig Invitational, give every reason to our corporate attendees, every reason to beg to be part of this movement, this drive and Tsunami that is coming out of South Africa.

The name of the Tsunami is PINKSTIG. So claim it, own it and run with it! Lets collectively celebrate women’s professional golf and Sally Little on the 28th November 2016.

For more info on the event follow all the updates, news, photos video links, live scoring and features hour by hour on the PinkStig website….



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