Ameerah Bibi Mehta a PinkStig Cub

Ameerah Bibi, daughter of Zahira and Dhiren Mehta is a silent warrior and an old soul. Her dad attributes a lot of her ways and qualities to his late mom and it is this bond that drives her.  Her determination stems from the passion to lead like her dad, which  reflects in all four of his daughters.
Her coach Werner Kapp says: “Ameerah is a youngster who has the ability to succeed in whatever she puts her mind to. She started playing golf one year ago and quickly learnt the basics of the game. Her technique developed into her own style of play and  her determination allows her to compete in a quiet confidence with a gentle smile.”
Ameerah Bibi Mehta
As with in any sport, in order to reach the top you have to set yourself some goals and her ambition is to become a professional golfer. Ameerah is ticking off her achievements one by one and one of her most memorable moments on the golf course thus far was when she joined her dad with some of the PinkStig’s local lady professionals and played a few holes with them.
Her mom added: “Her love for the game and her drive is fuelled by her dad and own enjoyment of … ‘ that was a great shot’ and for now she practices as her schedule allows her.”
The PinkStig Cub joins a four ball on the 18th hole at Lost City and will play the ceremonial hole as part of the inaugural of the PinkStig Invitational at the Lost City Golf Course, sun City on the 28th November 2016.
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