Real Promotions Keeping it REAL

The philosophy at Real Promotions is that one cannot climb the corporate ladder if one has not started at the bottom, and that bottom is on foot, in the field and on the golf course.

Robert Green ‘Real Promotions’

It is this very idea that attracts Real Promotions to the PinkStig Initiative as it sees young aspiring women professional golfers given the opportunity to play more and through the process become more competitive. ” It is our responsibility to create the platforms for our young ambitious and creative minds to work and play hard and professionally and ensure they become the success stories that will inspire the next generation. If we simply enrich ourselves and fail our youth, then we are insignificant” says Robert Green.

Real Promotions will be at the PinkStig Invitational with their team leaders to support and celebrate with Sally Little her induction into the SA Hall of Fame and provide the PinkStig players with drinks with added surprises.

Recently Real promotions celebrated and awarded their leading personalities in Real Promotions for their outstanding contributions to the company and enriching their own lives.


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