Sun International proudly associated with the PinkStig

Sun International has been an ardent supporter of the PinkStig Initiative followed through by UniMedia Pro. This relationship was forged out of creative minds that were able to see the value relations between Sun International and the PinkStig VISION.

Sun International has proudly been involved with the Little Pace Challenge, Sally Little Book Launch which took place at the Sun Table Bay Hotel and also been instrumental in partnering with SA Hall of Fame sponsored by Samsung in the  induction of Sally Little into the Hall of Fame.

In the same breath did Sun International invite UniMedia Pro to play the inaugural PinkStig Invitational hosted by Sally Little at the lost City Golf Course, Sun City on the 28th November 2016.

Rob Dalton sun International (left) with Michelle Leigh SA Pro Golfer
Rob Dalton sun International (left) with Michelle Leigh SA Pro Golfer

The attitude adopted by UniMedia towards its potential sponsors and associates is one of personal interest and  collaboration, creating an environment of opportunity to share and celebrate the contributions of each company towards achieving the vision of the PinkStig.

More about Sun International….

  • The Sun International brand has a proud legacy in the gaming, hospitality and entertainment sector. Its superior hotels and resorts portfolio makes it a recognised premium brand.
  • The Sun International Group has a diverse portfolio of assets including world class five star hotels, modern and well located casinos, and some of the world’s premier resorts.
  • Sun International is one of Africa’s largest tourism, leisure and gaming groups and operates or has an interest in a total of 18 resorts, luxury hotels and casinos.
  • Sun International’s entry into Latin America began in Chile in 2008 and has been a success story for the Group, giving it the track record and confidence to look for more opportunities that offer gaming opportunities in the region.
  • Sun International’s Latin American portfolio (Monticello Grand Casino in Chile, the Ocean Club Casino in Panama and the Sun Nao Casino in Colombia) has now been merged with the casino and hotel portfolio of Chile-based leader in the gaming and entertainment industry, Dreams SA, making it the largest gaming company in Latin America with operations in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Panama.
  • Sun International’s  approach has been to differentiate their hotels, resorts and casinos in architecture, service, experience, location and the mix of entertainment and activities. Creating lasting memories for their guests and customers is a core part of of the company’s DNA.
  • Sun International has created some the world’s most iconic hotels from The Palace of The Lost City at Sun City to The Table Bay hotel in Cape Town.
  • The opening of Sun City set the standard for large-scale international events in South Africa, which continues today. Sun City is also home to the Nedbank Golf Challenge, which has attracted the world’s best golfers for over two decades. From the hosting of Miss South Africa to World Heavyweight title fights, the Sun City Superbowl remains the preferred venue for international events and entertainment.
Rob Dalton (left), Johan Heldenhuis (middle) and Werner Kapp (right)
Rob Dalton (left), Johan Heldenhuis (middle) and Werner Kapp (right)

Sun International place a strong emphasis on being responsible corporate citizens through their contributions and commitment to the economy, communities and the environment.

The company is  committed to the development of all its employees and they make sure that equal opportunities and economic empowerment form the backbone of their human resource practices.

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