Where is the women’s golfing equipment?

Women have always played golf, but the proportion of female players has hardly changed since the 1980s. Growth of a mere one percentage point to the 21% to 22% range, is recorded according to US National Golf Foundation.

This is most evident in many a Professional Golf Stores, where the womens’ equipment, like many opportunities for play and corporate sponsorships, are neglected, hidden at the back, and masked by the prime placement of male gear.


Pro Golfer Tijana Kraljevic highlighted her frustration at this embodiment of female exclusion. “Shops often claim that their sales are not high among women but that is often because they do not put in the same amount of effort for womens’ equipment. The difference is very apparent” remarks Kraljevic. “Just the other day I had to go to four different golf shops just to try and buy a glove because none of the others stocked even the most basic female players’ equipment.”

This is just one example of how women, initially attracted to the sport are shying away. In 2006, for example, nearly two-thirds of all new US golfers were women, however barely a fraction of these women continued after the initial period. This indicates that many women just aren’t sticking with the game. Something is turning them off. Golf being a male-dominated industry, means that men approach the game differently than women do. Women have a different style that is not being accommodated.

Until now. The Pink Stig Invitational aims to equal out these incongruities by creating opportunities of play for our pro women golfers that rival that of the men. UniMedia is choosing to place womens golf at the front – are you?

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