Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnson signs PinkStig Cap

As an ardent golfer and a visual editor at Supersport, I have had the pleasure of working on every major golf event internationally.  I have been privileged to have worked on most of the productions when Tiger  Woods was winning everything that was up for grabs on the PGA Tour and around the world. It was pure  madness, despite working till the early hours of the morning, but it  paled in comparison as to how I felt watching a man play to his fullest potential and win.

Alas,  the curtain came down on him, the universe had driven him to face himself and that was really the end of Mighty Tiger. Since then I have not really found any other golfer exciting. The era of Tiger domination was dead until the rise of the Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnson.

Andrew Johnson
Andrew Johnson

A 27 year old Englishman sporting a beard,  he started grabbing everyone’s attention including the commentators who could not resist holding long conversation about  ‘Beef Johnson’. Everywhere he played, the kids would go running up to him for his autograph or simply say: ” Hi Beef” and Andrew Beef Johnson would respond  leaving the kids with his smile. His smile told so many stories, a man who was at the brink of giving up the game, because he just could not make it happen for himself and then he cracked it! Immediately every kid suddenly wanted to go to the golf course to catch a glimpse of Andrew Beef Johnson.

Today was my turn…… I met him, had my photo taken with him, shaked his hand and said: ” Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnson” you changing kids lives with your smile and his reply to me was: “aah thanks man” In that moment Dhiren Mehta ‘co founder of UniMedia Pro’ stepped forward shared with him some of UniMedia’s vision on women’s professional golf ‘ PinkStig Invitational’. Whilst signing our PinkStig white caps, he finally replied to Dhiren’s presentation on the PinkStig Initiative ….“I love it and I think the ladies will enjoy the feel of such an initiative as we see it happening all around the golfing world”

Ten minutes had lapsed and we suddenly saw a crowd of fans waiting to get their moment with ‘Beef’. At this stage he would not give us any indication that he needed to give some of the other people their moment with him. Andrew ‘Beef’ Johnson brings with him a new colour and vibe to professional golf, a man who is in touch with his fan base, enjoys playing golf and walking with his fans along the fairways. As with every hole he plays, the fans cheering and shouting his name, one get the impression he has already conquered the game.

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