Monique Smit excited to play at the PinkStig Invitational

Monique Smith
Monique Smith

Monique Smit ended a two-year title drought on the Sunshine Ladies Tour when she claimed the Ladies Tshwane Open title earlier this year. She highlighted what it meant to her:  “I don’t think anyone can appreciate just how happy I am at this moment that I’ve thrown the monkey off my back,”

Monique’s love for golf stems from the complex challenges it presents and the push to overcome such hurdles.  ‘It provides one with the opportunity to excel everyday and to be the best version of oneself.’ says Monique 

It is not without its sacrifices though. ‘ I was not an athlete, I did not believe I was one who was physically and mentally strong enough to sustain a winning attitude. Having made some recent changes to my personal lifestyle through new training routines, I have a new perspective or attitude towards my self potential and ability to become No 1 in South Africa and to be more competitive abroad’

In her interview she expressed gratitude to her coach Adam McKinlay and  trainer Neil with whom she  experienced many tears and sweat to get her ready for the 2016/17 season. In the same breathe she also thanked her parents,  who had to tolerate all her tantrums during her training. She also thanked her friends and her biggest supporter Jack Jones.

Monique expressed her excitement to play in the PinkStig Invitational and to use the event to propel her into the Sunshine Ladies Tour.

The Pinstig invitational will take place on the 28th November 2016, Lost City Golf Course at Sun City with a total prize of R 100 000.

For more information on the PinkStig Invitational: ,  0825687757


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