PinkStig greeting the Springbok ahead of UK Trip

Dhiren Mehta co founder of UniMedia Pro had the privilege this evening to personally wish the Springbok Coach Allister Coetzee, management team and several of the players on their upcoming trip to the UK.

Dhiren Mehta took the opportunity to extend to Allister Coetzee an invite to play at the PinkStig Pro-Am Invitational which takes place on the 28th November 2016 at Sun City. Alister gracefully entertained Dhiren Mehta’s insights and motives behind the PinkStig brand. Allister expressed his excitement of the upcoming event and pledged his support and his intent to take the PinkStig vision into the sphere of Rugby communities, specifically women’s rugby, touch rugby and sevens rugby.

“These are exciting times as any sport, when it is challenged by old and out dated systems and the courage which is required to break out of the old and embrace the new ways which in turn injects a new spirit into the game.” remarks Dhiren Mehta.  “The plight of women’s golf or women’s sport in general should continue to be top on our list of priorities as it has proven a way out of poverty and creates a wonderful platform to motivate the nation to follow “ says Allister Coetzee.


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