Lejan Lewthwaite ‘Following Through on the PinkStig’

I decided to wait until now, being Womens Day to pen my reflection on the Little Pace Challenge held at Pearl Valley Golf Club in August.

Getting to meet an inspirational woman, Sally Little, as well as to honour another South African icon Lee Anne Pace, was a fabulous experience. Myself as well as seven  other South African top professional female golfers were given the opportunity by Unimedia and the Pink Stig initiative to meet some influential people and help launch the “Adopt a Pro” programme, which is set out to help professionals reach their full potential . I was extremely enthusiastic to learn about what Pink Stig entailed and what the team at Unimedia had in their vision to help professional female golfers in South Africa.

Lejan Lewthwaite
Lejan Lewthwaite Sunshine Lady Professional Golfer
Professional women golfers in our country, sad to say, do not have the opportunity to fully showcase their talent, let alone earn a decent living like our top professional male golfers. It goes to say that when I read the phrase, “To compete more, is to succeed more,” by Sally Little, I couldn’t agree more, and already knew that the only way female golfers are able to earn a living is to travel abroad and qualify to play either on the European Ladies Tour or the LPGA Tour (based in America).
To be able to compete amongst the worlds greatest in the game is a dream, and it is my goal to one day reach the highest in Womens golf. Sally Little and Lee Anne Pace have been an inspiration for this. They too had the same struggle that I face today, and that is to try fund ourselves to be able to compete amongst the worlds greatest golfers and earn a living while doing so. It is their success that drives me and leads me to believe that it is still possible. However, Pink Stig can be a tremendous help in my wake, and could possibly help relieve some of the added financial pressure that I, as a professional female golfer face.
Lejan Lewthwaite and other lady pros receiving their copy of Sally Little book ‘ Capturing the Fire’

The support that was already seen at the launch was fantastic. We had the honour of having a couple of sponsors on board already. I would like to mention and thank a number of them who made a stand to empower women, affirming our belief in ourselves that we may indeed succeed in our dream.” Maserati”, who drove us to and from the golf course, Car Mania, Real Promotions who donated R1000 for every putt held during the pre-round putting comp, Corporate Golf, Golf Data, Pam Golding Estate Agency, Sun International, Caylix Sport,  Taylormade, Skyler Tee and the stunning venue, Valdevie Estate.

I was fortunate enough to play a round of golf with one of golfs most influential people, Golf Data’s Owner and Chairman Robbie Marshall, his daughter Claire Marshall and her friend Denise Coddington. Furthermore, one of the biggest highlights of an already awesome day, was at the gala evening, when I won a magnificent diamond sponsored by Skyler Tee for finishing top professional on the day. Wow!!
I am honoured to be apart of the Pink Stig initiative at this early stage and cannot wait to see where it all leads. To be a part of such a wonderful team, I can foresee nothing but success. I pledge to do my part in supporting and getting as many people as possible on board. This is truly something special which South African Womens Golf has been yearning for. In the mean time, I will be “Following Through (the Pink Stig slogan),” in all my golf endeavours.

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