Caylix Sport ‘Incredible and Inspirational Story’

I want to congratulate everyone who was involved in compiling the Sally Little Story, which aired on SuperSport. I think that UniMedia Pro did an incredible job and it was truly a very professional, but also inspirational program!

Sally, thank you for your effort and for sharing your story that I am sure will be an inspiration to many people to come as it has already for so many of us.

“All of us go through highs and lows or easier and more difficult times, but to change anything and make a success of anything it has to start with you.

If you don’t take responsibility of your own future/destiny, focus on your attitude and mindset and then surround you with the right people, it will remain to be a challenge.

Always remain humble with an attitude to give back. Sally was a true example of that mindset,”

Roux Conradie | Caylix Sport <>

Le Roux- Caylix Master Signature - CaylixSport

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