Hende-Mari Strydom’The Power of Social Media’

Hi Nushra ! Hope you are well. Do you still remember me? You contacted me 2 years ago and did an article on me? I accomplished some great goals the last two years since you helped me with the first article you did on me. I won a world title and received my Pro status this year!! I also achieved great success in the bodybuilding/fitness industry. I Just wanted to let you know – if you ever wanted to reflect on what you saw as potential two years ago.

I have a great list of winnings and competed two times overseas (France and USA). The tv show Kwela on channel 144 also did a very nice story on me on the KykNet channel two weeks ago and my stories was in a couple of newspapers and my pictures in the Muscle Evolution magazine! You boosted me so much the very first time and I want to thank you for that.

Thank you 😀 Hende-Mari Strydom 



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