Sally: “Show me one more time”

Today we look at the following two chapters of the Sally Little story: ” Capturing the fire” The influence of Tommy Armor and teaching women to play golf.

Chapter 5

  • Percy Little had always admired golfing legend Tommy Armour. They both preferred teaching golf to playing it and both believed in the capability of women. Armour stated frankly in the introduction of his golf instruction manual, “By the way, while I refer to the pupil as “him” many of my pupils are girls and women. In fact, some of the satisfactory, most quickly developing pupils I’ve taught are those from the gentler sex.” Right over left. “The fact that Sally is left-handed in everything else, but plays right-handed golf contributed much to the perfection of her style, in the same way as one might speak a foreign language more meticulously than one’s mother tongue.” Golf was always a special bond between Sally and her father. The most touching, however, was between Sally and her dad as he lay on his deathbed, after a lengthy battle against cancer. Sally put a finger into the palm of her father’s hand and tenderly asked, amidst her tears, “One last time dad, show me how to grip the club properly so I never forget.”

Chapter 6

Sally Little was never much of a fan of match play. “In match play, you win hole by hole. I didn’t like that too much because in essence you are now really playing the other person. I preferred the course to the competition.” says Sally Little

One of her most surprising supports was Rita Easton who told Sally: “You have all the ability in the world to take on the world and I’m calling your parents to tell them just that!” which further encouraged her decision to turn pro in 1970.



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