Michelle Leigh ‘As for Me’

This week’s IGT tournament is being played at Benoni Lake Country Club on the East Rand. With only 53 players in the field, which includes 51 males and two female golfers, which is myself and another sunshine lady tour player, well do your maths.  That said, it does not stop anyone from playing their best game.

Michelle LeighThe course isn’t set up too difficult as it is still trying to recover from the winter weather as well as the recent drought. Regardless of some bare patches on the fairways and a recent pipe burst on the par 5, 15th hole,  all players are still enjoying every minute on the course. The leading score is currently -6 with two players only 2 shots behind on -4.

As for me, I am constantly reminded of how emotional this game can be. I shot a demoralizing +11 in round one to a confidence boosting -1 round on day two to make the cut and currently lying tied 30th.

One of the toughest things I find as a professional is to try and block out all external influences that may be surrounding me when I play and concentrate on the here and down for 18 holes. Some of the best golfers are able to separate their personal and business life from the game and this is something I am trying to work on.

It’s not easy when you playing constantly with your back up against the wall, learning that you will not have sponsors next year to get to tournaments, when you put all this effort into wearing  the brands associated to the sport, but you see no return for all your effort you put into promoting them. On my recent trip to Cape Town and playing in the Little Pace Challenge, I quickly learnt that we are the game and that we should be invested in, to ensure we able to play at our best at all the times in front of the media and public. That is what will bring more female players to the game and hopefully get more sponsors to created more tournaments for women golfers in South Africa.




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