Ivanna Samu to Sally Little: “In my own words”

While all the players were  fiercely competing at Metropolitan Golf Course at the Western Cape Championships,  I was just a happy 13 year old with braces  enjoying my game and making new friends.

I remember walking off the course to the ladies next to the green, I just smiled even though I was a bit embarrassed about making another double bogey.  Sally was standing with the ladies. Then, I shouted out loud “ah it’s ok I can birdie this hole” and I did. I caught Sally Little’s attention and for the the next three holes she walked with me.

Her positive energy matched mine and she light a fire within me. Her remark to me was, that you can achieve anything  that you set your mind on and I  just decided there and then that if Sally Little believe I can do it, then I can do it.  If she said that she sees herself in me and she is a legend, then I can be a champion too.

avvan2Sally said that I have everything it takes to become the best and not just because of my golf swing, but more than anything else, because of my spirit and attitude towards the game I do love so much.

It was such an honour to hear these words from a legend, that I carried it within my heart and when things got tough I would say to myself “come on Ivanna if Sally Little believes in you…you CAN do this”

I kept in touch with Sally after that tournament and I  looked forward to updating her with my progress. Even today Sally is an inspiration for me and that is to work hard in reaching my targets and goals. Nothing would give me more pleasure in the future  than to make my heroin proud .

If I can just walk in her shoes for one day, I could be on the road that no one has ever walked after Sally Little and for no other  reason, but because she believed that I could. I thank you Sally Little for your kind words that changed my future forever…

written by Ivanna Samu, SA No 1 lady amateur golfer

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