Sally would have Little Choice

Tonight we look at chapters two to four of Sally Little’s life: ” Capturing the Fire”. The main theme in this chapter focuses on how adversity brought Sally to the  alter of golf. The motorbike accident in Camps Bay would become a seminal moment in Sally Little’s life on both a personal and professional level. For her career, the recovery period brought golf into sharp focus by eliminating all the other sports interests.

chapter two Sally after the motor cyccle accident

Chapter Three

A tough choice had to be made between staying in a relationship with Brian or golf. “If I had given in to Brian and given up golf, I would have thrown everything away and regretted it all my life” says Sally. Another matter on domestic violence and the power of walking away. “He was very aggressive to a point where he got physical with me and it really scared me as a young woman.”  The golf club was, poetically, Sally’s dad’s weapon of choice in chasing Brian away once and for all!

Chapter Four

Meeting Gary Player for the first time, at the tender age of 13. There would be more collaboration than altercation in their relationship, as the two realized the value in each other and would call on each other regularly to support various golf initiatives. “Sally would become a great asset to South African women’s golfers if given the right encouragement” says Gary Player

101Putting the business in golf. The partnership between golf and business was one which had been lacking before and so IMG was formed to assist.  Changing perceptions about women in sport. One of Sally’s benefactors almost refused to watch her play because “girls can’t play golf.”  USA versus SA. “I won all the time over in SA, but when I got over to the USA, I realized I wasn’t that good. I was mentally immature when I came out here—in life and in my game.” Sally remarked looking back at those tipping points in her golf career.



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