Michelle Leigh ‘My First Time’

Life is filled with pivotal moments. Within this collection of memories, a special category is always allocated to “firsts.” Experiences that occur, not only for the first time, but make you look at life in a whole new light.

For South African Female Pro Golfer Michelle Leigh it is hard to pinpoint and exact moment when the “beautiful bug bit,” but it all started during a reluctant family golfing day where Leigh, out of pure boredom, decided to join her parents on the golf course. “Part of the appeal has always been the challenge that golf presents, it is the game that cannot be perfected,” says Michelle. “My competitive side definitely does come out when I play, especially with my dad who is simultaneously my biggest fan and my most uncompromising critic.”

The father-daughter relationship on the golf course was a bond that legendary South African golfer Sally Little also experienced with her father Percy. It was definitely not love at first sight for Little and golf, with her often bemoaning her father’s engagement therein. And so as is the case with all good parenting, bribery was used and Little agreed to caddy for her dad in exchange for pocket money. Golf became a bond that lasted a life time with Percy Little’s last moment ending in a lesson to Sally – a golf lesson that is. As Percy lay on his deathbed, after a lengthy battle against cancer. Sally put her index finger into the palm of her father’s hand and tenderly asked, amidst her tears, “One last time dad, show me how to grip the club properly so I never forget.”

Indeed it seems fathers are instigators in driving their daughters to head to the driving range. Why not take your little girl there? She may be the next Little.


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