Barista with Coffee Passion and PinkStig

UniMedia Pro continues to express its appreciation to every company that came out to support and celebrate the Little Pace Challenge, which took place at the Pearl Valley Golf Course. The evening dinner was particularly special because ‘Fleet Coffee’ provided a quality coffee that had everyone asking for seconds and more.

So you probably asking the question, who are these guys?

13912844_1069017733183811_3664198311914310702_n Labit established Fleet Coffee Company in January 2015 as part of its strategic goal to create new small businesses. The name FLEET COFFEE COMPANY is derived from our Lieutenant Commander Barista, Cheslin Grobbler. He learned the barista trade whilst training in the navy. At the time, he was still in high school and very rebellious in nature. It was decided that the navy would be a great platform to address this and so started the journey of Fleet Coffee Company.Years later, after finishing his diploma in Theology and also playing rugby semi-professionally for Boland, Cheslin started to work, as a barista, in a local coffee shop in Wellington. It was here where he was introduced to Labit.

fleet coffeeNow established, FLEET seeks to give similar opportunities to the youth and show them alternatives to crime related activities in our communities.

The heart of Fleet is creating job opportunities in the communities.  Our main goal is to train and develop people in the communities and by doing that we equip individuals with skills to become a professional barista, barista with style, barista with class and a BARISTA WITH A PASSION FOR GOOD COFFEE!

Cheslin Grobbler: Manager, Fleet Coffee Company


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