Lejan Lewthwaite ‘Wanna be a Champion’

Not only is this the name of the golf academy at which I hone my golf skills everyday, but it is also the term that I like to motivate myself for, for all the ins and outs of what I do everyday to better myself and my goal to become a champion golfer.

Lejan PinkStigHere are a few elements that Id like to cover that I think are key to becoming the best golfer I can be. This is how I start and end my everyday. There is no real in and out of season for me, when there are more tournaments, I alter my routine slightly. I play in two to three IGT (mens mini tour) tournaments every month if I can. I work my schedule around my tournaments. However, my day to day when it is not a tournament week will always consist of a couple hours on the driving range (2-4 hours), short game practice (2-3 hours), and an hour/hour and a half gym session.

My few spare hours at home in the evenings consists of preparing healthy packed lunches for my golf the next day, after that I like to watch some of my favourite tv shows or better yet, help strengthen my golf mental skills by reading famous golf novels, such as the one I just completed reading, Fearless Golf by Dr. Gio Valiante. A great read for any golfer wanting to gain something in their game without even having to pick up a golf club, which I wouldn’t normally advise. My next book will without a doubt be from our very own legend, Sally Little’s, ‘Capturing the Fire.’

A little more about my routines and academy surroundings. I receive coaching once to twice a week from my coach Doug Wood. Along side Doug, we have a great team at our academy, that consists of TPI & strength and conditioning specialist Garth Milne, Biokinetisist Tanya Kearney and Sports Physio Gina Switala. These guys are great, they help, assist and not only make us feel like champions but train us to be ones as well.


I studied Exercise and Sports Science at Texas State University and so I use a lot of my knowledge gained from studying to create my own training  programs. I believe that training in the gym, being strong, healthy and fit adds to that extra dynamic to being the best golfer I can be.

Some of my favourites: when it comes to food, any thing healthy or green and Ill love it. When I’m not on the golf course, I like to hang out with my family, a lot of who inspire me and encourage me. And when I am at the coast on holiday, the beach is where Id be, more so, out on the ocean with my surfboard. Im not to fussy when it comes to shoes, but if I had to pick, the 3 striped ones (Adidas) would do just fine. I like to dress up funky for the course, below is picture of my USA inspired outfit by Beautiful Me clothing, who generously sponsored me with some of their styling numbers.

One funny fact that not many people may know, my golf shoes have to be clean. I won’t leave my house with a dirty, dusty or muddy pair of golf shoes. Its just how I like to role. If I feel good, look good, I believe I will play good.


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