Going green on the greens with UniMedia Pro

As a CSI that focuses on training women at grassroots levels to become self sufficient, it was a real honour to be supplying a prestigious event such as The Little Pace Challenge. The team of UniMedia are real visionaries in insisting they prefer to support our project to supply goody bags versus the normal route. Our bags made by 3 of our entrepreneurs in training, really stood out at this event as we could demonstrate how further to reduce our carbon footprint by using recycled saris for the bags.

TijanaOur kimonos which were worn by a few of the professional golfers at the gala dinner event also showed the diversity in skill by our women and a practical way of further showcasing our product. The awareness of sustainable (increasing the capacity and wellbeing of communities) and ethical fashion in this country is slowly on the increase as we urge consumers to buy local and to support small businesses. If more corporate can take a lead from UniMedia Pro in supporting projects such as SariForChange, together we can create profitable models using God given talent whilst promoting positive role models.

Honing in on what Unimedia would like to achieve and is busy developing with their Adopt- A -Pro programme, in essence reads similarly to what we at SariForChange have implemented and continuously focus on in our incubation.

1.) Focusing on the mindset of the entrepreneur

2.) Developing of a business model whilst complimenting their skill and expertise

3.) Up-skilling and exploring best practice

4.) Practice makes perfect


As I wear my activist cap, I am 100% behind the PINK STIG initiative and whenever the stats show an imbalance economically and in opportunity, I feel it is up to us as citizens to stand up and do something about it. The day showcased this in real style by having a legend such as Sally Little feature as she is the best example who rose above this against all odds. The fact that she took the time out of her evening to come and personally applaud SARIFORCHANGE for their work and whispered praise in my ear was testament to how she perceives this change.

We also know you cannot solve a problem in the same way it was created. It is about paying it forward and working in a collective. We cannot beat the powerful and imbalanced system of capitalism but we can hold ourselves accountable in engaging in smaller actions to spread the essence of sharing. A sharing economy ensures that we all growing and earning.

Thank you Unimedia for walking your talk in this respect and allowing the CSI segment to feature in your programme.

Skyler T

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