Good Karma collaborating with Destiny

One day in class (in my 6th grade class in Cape Town, 2002) when asked by my teacher what I wanted to become when I was older, without hesitance I said  ‘a professional golfer’, the class had packed up in giggling mostly the boys as golf was known to be a male dominated sport. My teacher encouraged me to pursue my dreams by giving me a special privilege to bring a club with me to school and use the rugby field at break to practice on.

Tijana Kraljevic

At 12 years old I believed my destiny was to be one of the greatest female golfers in the world and Karma had through all of these years given me signs that so would be and to keep pushing through whatever obstacles came across my path.

My father had given my brother and I (also a professional golfer) the very last of his pension money to keep our dreams alive. A medical doctor with an MBA qualification  had lost his job in 2008 and could not find employment in South Africa for the following year due to the new government empowerment strategy and subsequently we as a family had to move to Serbia. My brother and I had to leave behind our home and only country we ever knew. We went from having great  practice facilities, competitive playing opportunities to a country where golf was as evolved as Bob Sledding was in South Africa. The struggle was not just in making it but finding the opportunity to practice as well. In those dark days my father never stopped believing we would make it. He inspired us by having enough faith in us to give us what little he had left to keep us playing and even compete in other countries. My drive to keep on my path had taken me from places such as Morocco all the way to China in search of playing and practicing opportunities.

Destiny had brought me back to the roots of my golf, South Africa. Three years living in South Africa again I found we are not given the same competitive stage as the men to compete, grow and move on to the world arena.


Then two weeks ago a fellow lady sunshine tour player and an old friend from junior golf days Michelle Leigh contacts me, inviting me to be apart of the launch of the Pinkstig Initiative. Sunday past  five ladies from the Sunshine Tour met up with UniMedia Pro director Dhiren Mehta and his team team consisting of his wife Zahira, Nusrah, Rayana, Werner and Mikaela. We all sat around the table and shared our life stories up till this point. When it came to my turn to share, in the middle of my story Dhiren hearing of my fathers background in medical sales asked what my fathers name is, then turned to his phone to show me my fathers name and business details and I broke out into tears. They had known each other from doing business together many years ago.  After everything my father had provided  to make my dreams come true Karma brought me to this moment to meet Dhiren the founder of Pinkstig and to know somehow my father was still connected in destiny’s scheme meant the world.

written by Tijana Kraljevic




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