Little Pace with a lot of Speed

With the dust settling after the Inaugural Little Pace Challenge, my excitement keeps increasing double fold.

The events that unfolded right from when the day started, was mind blowing. Only joining the line up a little later and coming into the fold of the behind the scenes work, I soon realized that whatever is going to happen will be changing the landscape of not just women’s golf in South Africa, but also creating the platform for the development of future players like the Sally Little’s and Lee Anne Pace’s.

Being a Generation Y baby I knew little off Sally’s career. Not just is she a multiple major and tournament winner, but she has won more majors than our very own Louis Oosthuize, Charl Schwartzel and Trevor Immelman – all of them sporting a major victory each. This dawned upon me when I saw my golf bag next to hers on the bag stand, my bag sharing the bag stand with a multiple major winner, have you ever! It’s not every day that you get to rub shoulders with a player like that, and this is exactly what UniMedia Pro was able to construct with the Little Pace Challenge!

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A great initiative was for Sally and Lee Anne to play a hole with the respective four balls. That gave each member of the four ball, regardless of skill level, insight as to how good these players really are. Also the impact that golf can have on any person’s life, some of us are making a living by practicing something that started out as a hobby, others do it for the thrill of spending time with friends from all walks of life.

With Val de Vie playing host to the formal dinner and prize giving, one could only expect great things to happen when looking at the guest list which was compiled with some of the best who’s who’s in a variety of industries.


As Dihren Mehta from UniMedia Pro was delivering his speech, supported by statistics of prize funding and number of tournaments across the men and ladies tours, there was a sense of urgency growing amongst all the attendees. The challenge was simple, no auction of unwanted items –he was looking for five investors at R100000 each to start off with. Little did we know that within half an hour of delivering his speech, that goal would have been reached.  The Adopt the Pro initiative will turn dreams into realities that I am convinced off.

I always had, and will continue to have the dream of playing full time – but for now being a golf coach is the best thing since sliced bread! Being a ‘victim’ of the previous Professional Ladies tour that went pear shape, I realized that it’s not a question if the Adopt a Pro initiative will deliver the goods; it’s only a question of when.

Mareli Joubert


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