Michelle leigh on the Tee with Sally and Lee-Anne

My time at the Little Pace challenge was certainly a memorable one.I was incredibly lucky to stand on the 9th tee box with Sally Little and Lee-Anne Pace for their Legend and Champion play off hole.

It was a little emotional as I got to witness history being made. It was an inspiration and makes me want to stand up there and compete at the same level as they have.

The day started with a shot gun start. I had the privilege of playing with the fantastic team of Maserati who were one of the sponsors of the event. On our first hole, we got to play with Sally Little. Her wisdom for the game is remarkable and sharing tips with each other is a time that I will never forget.

Michelle Leigh witnessing an historical moment

We had an amazing round of golf around the immaculate Pearl Valley Golf Estate. We continued our enthusiasm of the day at the gala dinner at Val de Vie Estate ballroom with many stories shared amongst all the players from the day. The enthusiasm that all the sponsors have to help drive women’s golf is mind blowing. The compliments that each of the ladies received proved to us that women’s golf is not something to be overlooked.

I want to say a huge thank you to Unimedia Pro for initiating this incredible journey and without companies like them, we would still be a distant thought.

Michelle Leigh


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