Francesca Cuturi: ‘What an Experience’

On a daily bases everyone comes across varies amounts of experiences. Whether you went shopping with your kids, went to watch a sports event, went for a run somewhere new, or even tried cooking something different for dinner. So the question here is what makes an experience memorable? And the simple answer is emotions. The emotions attached to that experience is what will determine the importance to oneself.


 Personally I can quite easily travel by myself (that does not make me a loner,) and just enjoy my surroundings. A beautiful view feeds my soul, and brings me to my happy place every single time. No doubt views change from person to person. But for me, combine my passion for golf, with the beautiful surroundings of a golf course, and I wish a person never had to sleep. So what made this event UniMedia put together so different from the rest? I was already in my happy place, playing golf at the challenging Pearl Valley Golf Course with the majestic Simonsberg and Drakenstein mountains forming the backdrop.

For me there was no hesitation in saying that it was the people that made this event such a success and one to remember. It was identifying the passion the entire UniMedia team have towards the Pinkstig initiative every time they spoke. I have a huge passion for golf, and when I talk about golf, there is this enthusiastic tone that comes to light. I witnessed that same tone every time someone spoke about this program. From the very first time I met the team at Lanseria Airport, I knew we had something special here. The rest was all going to be an added bonus, and an added bonus it was. Adding to the experience was getting picked up in a Maserati, driving into the stunning morning sunrise, but once again the driver was giving us the information about the car, and there involvement towards women’s golf, that certainly made me remember the ride.

The gift bags being made by SariForChange was a wonderful gesture, but it wasn’t until Rayana Edwards spoke about the cause that evening when one realises the determination she has to make a difference. In fact it is the determination from every individual to have made the effort in attending the magnificent event that will help make a difference to Women’s golf and the Adopt-a- Pro program.

So thank you to everyone I met and for passionately speaking about their business for making this UniMedia event a thoroughly memorable one for me. It makes me happy to see people happy, and making a difference.


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