It’s time to Trim the Grass

The green, is an area of very closely trimmed grass on even, smooth ground surrounding the hole, allowing players to make precision strokes on it. Any seasoned golfer will express to you the frustration when unevenness limits and disturbs play. The greatest testimony, I believe, would be from female golfers in particular, because they understand uneven standards better than anyone.

In South Africa, a mere one tenth of fund sponsorship’s that men receive, are afforded to women. This creates barriers than no amount of strategic putting, to nimble around rough patches (that men will never be exposed to such a great degree), will be able to overcome.

Garry Player has often categorised golf as the most difficult sport in the world. Indeed the talent needed to glide a three-hundred-and-thirty-six dimpled ball into an ominous hole cannot be under estimated. Add to the ball’s course of trajectory, a few strands of grass (read: entrance costs), one puddle (read: transport), two pebbles (read: lack of income), three ditches (read: no media support), then the fete of sinking a put is almost impossible. This is what Sally Little, winner of two majors and fifteen titles was able to accomplish, despite the odds.


Through the support of UniMedia Pro, we aim to ensure that there will be a LOT more LITTLES by maintaining that the only factor limiting women golfers’ potential is the extent of their talent. It is time to even out the playing field, to clear the ground to ensure that women golfers have as smooth a journey as their male counterparts. South Africa, it is time to trim your grass!

Mikaela Oosthuizen

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