Mareli Joubert golf an absolute blast

Golf was never my first love. I enjoyed every other sport ranging from hockey, netball, tennis and even played cricket on provincial level with the boys!! My mom and dad were the one that planted the seed, and with the influence of my uncle and cousins as well as some friends of ours in Harrismith the love for golf slowly but surely started to grow.

 I was very privileged to grow up and learn the game in the beautiful town of Harrismith. Most people won’t know but there is a brilliant 18 hole course, right at the foot of Platberg. Me, my dad and our Maltese poodle Bambi spent many late afternoons learning that this game is far from perfect!! Going into high school, I soon realised that golf could be a vehicle that I could use to pursue my passion for sport and understanding the mind-body-swing connection. Going through high school I represented Free State & Northern Cape for golf and continued my hockey career, earning my SA colours on u/16 level. Back then, my childhood dream was to play golf in the States but a motor bike accident at the end of my gr. 11 year turned my plans upside down! During this time Lee Anne was kicking up dust on the amateur scene, showing us how it’s done!
  After school I completed my first year Human Movement Science at Kovsies before making my way to University of Pretoria to enrol in their Sport Science course with the added combination of completing my PGA. During my studies I represented Gauteng North and also the South African Student side. Once I completed my degree I went further to complete my Honors in Sport Science whilst running the TuksGolf Coaching site at Centurion Country Club. My mom always said that her two daughters will be fantastic teachers, little did I know that I will become and outdoor “juffrou”! During that first period of coaching I realised the impact that one can have on someone, and I think that is one my driving forces every day. The beauty of this game is that you need to be able to relay the same information to a 5 year old as well as to a 45 year old player, obviously with different degrees of technicalities!
 Wanting to pursue the physical side of the game, how to be able to assist players other than just technically I went to the Orlando, Florida in 2013 to complete my Level 1 TPI course. With my tertiary background and the TPI it has opened up a whole new world when it comes to assisting players not just from a coaching point of view, enabling me to head up the Strength and Conditioning of the players part of our PGA and Elite program.

I have been part of Swingfit Performance Academy since 2013 and am based at the beautiful De Zalze Golf Club. A normal day of coaching can consist out of leisure coaching, PGA students and juniors. We are also involved in various Foundation coaching program and I think that’s where the impact of what golf can mean to someone really hits home.

 Being in the golf industry is an absolute blast and ever evolving and to be able to participate in the Little Pace Challenge is a huge honour. That’s where icons like Lee Anne and Sally is crucial to increase the awareness under not just the general public, but especially under girls and ladies. Golf is not just game, it is an educational tool of various life skills for young and old!

Kind regards,

Mareli Joubert


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