Making the Gift Bags with SariforChange

MCI (Meaningful Change Institute) is a non-profit organization committed to providing a platform for the inspiration, empowerment and mobilization of women, youth and children in South Africa by creating change programs. Change projects which results in the holistic development of the individual involved to promote their capacity for self-sufficiency and ability to generate income and to render service in return to their communities.


Sari For Change is the inaugural project of MCI. We recruit unemployed women that are able to sew and train them in entrepreneurial skills using recycled saris as a fabric resource.

When UniMedia Pro gave us the brief at Sari for Change, we had to brainstorm as to how we could incorporate the saris into these bags as our challenge with producing in quantity is that we cannot guarantee the same fabric throughout production.


As their PINKSTIG brand is pink, our first point of action was to collect and sort as many pink saris as possible. Thereafter, we had to source a fabric that could be firm and yet cost effective as suddenly moving into branding and promotional production it is about the practicality and pricing of the item or product.


It took us nearly 3 days sourcing the right fabric to work with the sari, with the correct amount of firmness to allow the bag to stand on its own. When the ladies started testing the black mock suede with the pink saris it worked very well together.

Now production is a buzz as they happily churn out 100 goody bags that are unique and very useable thereafter. Comments from the ladies stitching are: ‘how are men going to use pink bags?’


Well we thought of that too and have made it reversible…..So to all the golfers on the 2 August playing at Pearl Valley Golf Course at Valdevie Estate, you are in for a treat. Goody bags made from recycled saris, by women who are being trained to become self sufficient in their own businesses.



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