Why UniMedia Pro and Women’s Golf

Women’s golf begins to take centre-stage as corporates see a growing interest by women to compete and just be part of the crowds following their favourite players around the course. 

UNIMEDIA PRO is passionately creating the platforms for dialogue and collaboration to appease the growing interest of corporate investment into women’s golf and other women’s sport in general. ‘Corporates and big sports brands are beginning to realize the power of women in sport and their influencer potential, as can be seen by the growing number of endorsements deals in international golf.’

By harnessing the power of women, in business and in their sport, we plan to make the game more accessible to young women who show natural talent and the appetite to be champions and to develop and implement programmes that will provide the financial and professional support they deserve.

UniMedia Pro’s first priority, together with the voice and ambassadorship of Sally Little is to place South African female golfers on the international stage and bring the sport on par with men’s golf.

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