“Women’s golf is like a tsunami coming ….”

Corporate and big sports brands are beginning to realize the power of women in sport and their influencer potential.

Golf champions past and current have equivocally stated that the future of golf is in women – increased participation by women; sponsorship spend and brand value as Gary Player recently alluded to at the Nedbank Golf Challenge 2015, “Women’s golf is like a tsunami coming ….”

A recent study revealed that female golf enthusiasts have many of the same needs, wants and desires as their male counterparts, embracing the challenge of the game and the camaraderie created by spending quality time on the course with friends, family and business associates.

91% play golf because they like being outdoors; 82% enjoy the time with friends, 80% are always trying to improve and 79% enjoy the challenge of the game.

74% believe that the technology in golf club designs can significantly improve their play.

55% watch golf or golf-related programming on television at least once per week, 14% watch it three to four times per month. 94% watch the PGA Tour and 80% watch the LPGA.

47% Have a Facebook profile; 34% use LinkedIn ; 22% are on MySpace  and 15% use YouTube.



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