Golf Specific Exercises to Improve Your Game

Dee Wheeler continues in this article with some insights and tips on how to approach body exercise, warm up and warm down before and after the game. In this article Dee look at cardio, abdominals, Quads/Glutes, Back & Lower Back and Forearms/Wrist and Hands.

Cardio fitness – when you are cardio fit your body will tire less quickly. Your concentration will stay sharper for longer.

Dee Wheeler

Abdominals – the transverse abdominal muscles and the internal and external obliques being the most important. The transverse abdominal muscles provide a lot of stability in the golf swing and the internal and external obliques provide the force needed to rotate the spine.  The abdominals provide the correct posture at set-up. When these muscles tire, the back rounds and the body falls forwards, leading to incorrect posture.

Quads/Glutes– strong quads and glutes give the stability in your legs in order to give your upper body the torso resistance it needs to twist and generate power. If they are weak you tend to sway or weight shift and loose power because of less resistance.

Back & Lower Back – they support the spine as well as give stability, balance and control during a golf swing. These muscles need to be strong and flexible as the back takes on a tremendous amount of stress during the golf swing. When these muscles are weak you have poor posture and poor mechanics of the golf swing which can result in lower back pain.

Chest/Shoulders – the chest muscles are for power and the shoulders assist in providing rotation.  Increasing strength and flexibility results in more speed and power.

Hips – good hip rotation is due to strong and flexible hips. If these muscles are tight you have reduced range of motion and loose power in your golf swing.

Hamstrings – tight hamstrings can cause poor posture at set up and cause problems with the lower back. Stretching exercises for the hamstrings are crucial.

Rotator Cuffs – most golfers suffer from shoulder injuries due to weak or strained rotator cuffs.   The rotator cuffs are four little muscles that stabilize your arms and shoulders during your golf swing. Stretching and strengthening exercises will keep you pain free.

Forearms/Wrist/Hand – any weakness here will result in golfer’s elbow. Strengthening the hands will give you the control needed to improve your game and avoid injury,


To avoid injuries it is important to do pre-game stretching exercises in order to warm you muscles and prepare for the movement of golf. Post-game stretches alleviates soreness and will gradually improve your range of motion.

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Dee Wheeler


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