Marketing the same Difference

I recently acquired a book from one of my colleague’s, which is titled ‘ Marketing the same Difference’  written by Louis Itumeleng Seeco and founder of ELEMENTS ADVERTISING. When I opened it; my eyes fell on a note he wrote to one of his supporters;and I quote: “When we stand on shoulders of people like you, we can see very far”.

I thought about this note for some time and with several meetings with Louis Seeco I tried to see things the way he would see things. Although almost impossible, I realized that no sooner we publish an article or a paper we automatically begin to move away from the original idea…why? Is it because we are confronted by a new set of ideas or circumstances that drive us into a place that is unknown to us, or left to constantly ponder on our original ideas. This is where we want to be – because it  keeps the eye of wakefulness open and it implies by sight we are still able to participate or influence the events unfolding before us.

marketing_the_same_difference_pdf_ebookThis man – ‘Louis’; in my mind has not begun to tap into the reservoir of ideas he has stored in his head and  yet he already has a book. I am left dumb struck with how clearly he was able to sketch the world of marketing vs what makes people consumers – naturally who we are….or maybe not.

The book explains why the need for  or  the attraction imposed on the minds is needed, making us believe instantly that we must have it via the marketing streams and worse the belief that now as a people moving into the space of ‘the consumer’ that we cannot do without it.

The book highlights and underpins a very important principal ‘Cultural Dynamism’ and its impact on how we perceive the world and the people around us and of course the product at hand. There is merit in how we project to each other what we should invest in. The best investment is in each other or in ourselves.

Enough for now…this was suppose to be a little intro into the book and the man behind the words. In my next piece we look at the term Louis uses in his preface ‘ BRANDPILGRIMAGE’

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