Dee Wheeler’s Fighting Fifties and Golf for Ladies

Meet Dee Wheeler who has a very interesting and exciting passion. She has been in the fitness industry for more than 20 years.

Her qualifications: Exercise Teachers Diploma   – Exercise Teachers Academy, Certificate as Exercise Programme Leader – SAASPER (South African Association for Sport Science Physical Education and Recreation) and Certificate in Exercise Science – Keep Fit International

In the 80’s she started the lunch time and evening fitness classes at the Old Mutual Head Office Pinelands and there she stayed for 15 years as their fitness instructor, then she opened her own spinning studio in Pinelands and ran that for 9 years.  Currently she is giving classes for the 50+ plus ladies.

We asked her why after all these years she still teaches? Her reply: “It is very rewarding to see how people who had no confidence in themselves start loving and living life as they become fitter and stronger through exercise.  In a small way I have helped them create a zest for life again. Dee Wheeler will be at the Little Pace Challenge to meet with the ladies and share more about her passion for healthy bodies, healthy lifestyles.

She continues by saying: ” My aim is to improve my clients’ quality of life through exercising the correct way. I believe in teaching my clients the correct technique to carry out an exercise and in so doing, avoid injuries. As my client’s get fitter and stronger, they find they are able to do many other forms of activities that they could never do before. As their energy output increases, so does their metabolism increase; the inches then start falling away and they lose weight the healthy way.


Golf has become a very competitive and fun social sport for ladies. It is a sport that requires great technique, mental strength and physical fitness, and all three of these aspects are of equal importance.

I focus on the aspect of physical fitness and my goal is to enable ladies to improve their golf through golf-specific exercises. Just as we have golfing pro’s teaching us the perfect swing, so too should we have golf-specific exercise training using the correct techniques.

By keeping our bodies fit and flexible we will have the ability to reproduce our ideal swing over and over again, without getting tired, sore or losing concentration – this is golf fitness is all about.

Dee Wheeler

Cell:  083 6280980




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