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Adli Jacobs , the author of Sally Little’s story, ” Capturing the Fire opens chapter three… When a celebrity rises in a sports code or even in entertainment, it’s easy to view them as being one-dimensional, as if their craft is their only side. So when personal issues in their lives eventually emerge it inevitably has shock value. Fans are strangely surprised that their icons have real human problems, separate from the allure of celebrity life. It is one of the reasons why many celebrities try to avoid the paparazzi and jealously guard their private lives. There is a constant fear and uneasiness that the press and subsequently, the fans will turn on them if they shatter the illusion of a ‘perfect life.’


In light of this, Sally Little was quite the enigma when it came to the media. She came across as shy and modest, yet gave extensive interviews, even at her residence, to various publications who were looking for human interest angles on this rising star in golf. In the early days of her amateur career her parents were fairly happy to share minute details of how Sally came to develop her game.

This rapport endeared her to the media, and in turn gave her the opportunity to place personal tragedies into perspective, right in the public eye. Her motorbike accident was covered several times, as was the incident of her broken engagement.

In January 1972, Anneliese Kuhn wrote the following in Personality magazine:

“Yes, Sally Little might indeed make it. Setbacks to her… are challenges she thrives on. Like when she was thrown off the pillion seat of a motorbike at [15] and had to spend 14 weeks in hospital…”

What Sally did not share with the interviewer was how that story actually ended.

Excerpts from Sally  Little’s  story, ” Capturing the Fire opens Chapter Three

Book Launch 21st September 2016, Blue Valley Golf Estate, Johannesburg


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