Sally Little in her Royal Blue Anorak

Sally’s mom, Yvonne, remembers the event vividly. It’s been 50 years since the accident and Yvonne’s memory of the traumatic incident has not dimmed in the least. It proved to be a catalyst in the Little family that impacted both mother and daughter significantly.

“It was one of the worst nights of my life. I was meant to attend a big wedding the next day. I was at home when the call came through. I was informed that my daughter had a massive accident in Camps Bay and that they were sending someone to fetch me. Needless so say, I never went to that wedding.

“I hadn’t even realised that Sally had gone to the movies and on a motorbike at that. She had done it against our expressed wishes. Percy, her dad, had gone to watch Hellenic play a soccer match at Green Point stadium. They had to make an announcement over the loud speaker to inform him of what had happened. We spent the whole night at Groote Schuur hospital. I figured that I aged ten years that night. It was horrible.

“The funny thing was that I discovered then that Sally had borrowed her sister Janeen’s Halenka pants without her permission. They had to cut that pants off her because she had broken her femur. She had also borrowed my navy blue and white sweater. That was a long night.”

Excerpts from Chapter 2: The Girl in the Royal Blue Anorak

Book: ‘Capturing the Fire’

A series of 24 short stories about the life of Sally Little

Book Launch 21st September 2016

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