In Light of Percy and Yvonne Little

Sally doesn’t remember much of her childhood. In a way, a motorbike accident in her mid-teens loomed so large in her consciousness that other events paled in significance. Most of Sally’s recollections stem from her mother’s memories. Yvonne takes great delight in recounting them and jogging Sally’s own memories along the way.

Yvonne worked as a bookkeeper for a furriers company called Fletcher’s Furriers in Sea Point. She began working for Fletcher’s early on in her life, even before her marriage and retained the position until she retired in her golden years.  Sally recalls that her mother is a devout Anglican that attended a church in Sea Point. “From the time we were little, we all used to attend church there. Janeen was confirmed in that same church. I was never confirmed because it didn’t really interest me after I had my motorbike accident.”

“The great thing about my mom is that she never insisted that I should get confirmed. My father on the other hand was not a church-going man. In fact he didn’t like the church at all. You see my father had a very poor upbringing. When he was kid, he didn’t have any shoes and as such they wouldn’t allow him into the church because of it. He never forgave them for that.”

“Yet at the same time, he was never negative about my mom’s attachment to the church and merely regarded it as ‘her thing.’ Actually, here is an interesting story. We only had one car and my mother never really learnt how to drive, because she had been in a car accident in her youth and lost the nerve to learn. In that accident, she went through the windshield of the car and got cut up pretty badly.”

Excerpts from Sally Little’s Book: ‘Capturing the Fire’

In the first chapter:  ‘Oh no, not golf again!’

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  1. Hilliary Catt. says:

    I would love to read Sally’s book.I remember Sally as an attractive teenager.I remember her motorbike accident in Camps Bay.Think we were at the movies at the Alvin that evening when we heard about the accident and went off to see what had happened.I used to work at UBS with Sally’s Dad Percy and her sister Janeen.Or wax it the SA Perm?

    1. UniMedia Pro says:

      Good Evening Hillary

      Thank you for the request of the book ‘ Capturing the Fire’ The book will be launch on the 21st September 2016. Please forward your email and we will mail you the order form. We are all very excited about the launch. You can email us at

      Rayana Edwards

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