UniMedia Pro welcomed its partners for the Little Pace Challenge to Sun City for a weekend of golf, camaraderie and fostering budding relationships. Warren Sneag of Doppio Zero South Africa, CEO Chris Hooman of @Jetpatcher, and cart distributor Eric Feben of GoMoto joined our team for a morning of golf.


UniMedia Pro and its partners enjoyed our game of golf at the Lost City Golf Course. Sun City did not disappoint and greeted our fraternity with warm, cosy weather and blue skies.

The golf course has many uses that far surpass game play. It is an arena that allows acquaintances and associates to build on their respective relationships in order to not only execute budding business deals, but to secure long lasting fraternities that open the doors to countless opportunities with mutual benefit and far reaching goals.

UniMedia Pro hopes to continue to foster relationships with our partners and to create an atmosphere that is comfortable and one of credence. True to the quote by PJ Woodhouse, “To find a man’s true character, play golf with him.” It is UniMedia Pro’s sincere hope that our partners and all who we deal with us and come across us in the future will recognise this honorable intent and desire for good old-fashioned relationships in an ultra modern arena.

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