Being confronted with your mortality will never be an easy thing. When Sally looked back on her life, she could easily point out the highlights and lowlights in both her career and personal life. It was those seemingly insignificant moments, however, that she struggled to recall.

As with most successful people, there comes a time when they reflect and question. Was it worth it? Have I achieved all that I can? What more can I give?

These questions haunted Sally at a time in her life when she doubted what she believed to be her core identity. As much as golf had given, it had taken away. The dangerous ‘what if?’ clause loomed overhead. Sally questioned whether the path she had taken was in fact the right one. Looking back, there were more good times than bad times and perhaps, at the end of the day, it’s as simple as that.

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An excerpt from Capturing the Fire: “For Sally Little, however, her retirement was more like a new beginning than a death. ‘The game has given me so much, so I knew I wanted to give back. This is one of the greatest gifts that most people who don’t play wont understand: most golfers are great givers… Golf has a history of giving and this is instilled very early when you start out in the game.

“I was sitting there on the floor and thinking,  What am I doing?  I closed the scrapbook* and I closed my career.”

* Sally’s mom framed numerous scrapbooks over the course of her career

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    Loved to follow you when you were in Corning & Rochester, NY

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