Sally Little loves her family. It’s as simple as that. As the release of her 24 part short story biography, Capturing the Fire’ looms ever closer, Sally is sure readers will love the little anecdotes of the Little family strewn across the book.

val-de-vieCapturing the Fire, opening lines of Chapter 20: “It’s an old cliché but still rings true: It takes a village to raise a child. Sally Little’s village was made up of family, friends of the family and the Metropolitan Golf Club in Cape Town. When she went to the United States, her village grew to include new friends, endearing fans and many different characters that came into her life and supported her. She is the first to admit that had it not been for the support that she received from this global village, she never would have survived her struggles with endometriosis or the challenges that arose in getting back her winning form and surviving as a professional.”

Sally’s first brush with golf was solely due to her father and his bribes that she be his caddy. He adored the game and served as her 1st and most endearing coach. Sally often credits him with her professional success and instilling a solid, winning attitude for golf and life.


Yvonne, Sally’s mother reigns as the matriarch of the Little family. At 94, she still demonstrates a keen mind and a keener interest in her children’s lives. Sally admits that only later in life did she come to realise that her mother was the foundation and strength of the family.“She was the quiet balance, always there, just comfortable being in the background.” She is a very proud mother and kept a Kist of articles that showcased Sally’s career over decades.

All in all, Sally had the perfect balance. A mother who kept the family firmly grounded, a father who occasionally let them dangle off the family home roof and a domestic helper who kept their bottoms red and shining when needed. 




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