Sally Little returned to South Africa with a dream she was adamant she’d make a reality. . Sally believes South Africa has an untapped reservoir of talent waiting to be excavated and it is her duty to pioneer such an endeavor.

This honourable demeanour was instilled in her early on in her life and dictated that we are obligated to ‘pass it on.’ This is a common ethos in the golfing community. To leave the greens in a better state than you found it. This sentiment is to be taken both literally and symbolically. The greens represent so much more than the earth played upon. It represents the people who walk upon it, who live on it and who enterprise from it.

UniMedia, together with Sally Little are dedicated to addressing  the specific needs of women and their businesses. We endeavour to provide learning opportunities  as well as educating women in business on a broader spectrum. Focus areas cover a myriad of arena’s that include mind, family, society, body, and finances.

Women in business need a portal in which to grow their respective networks, which will in turn grow their respective businesses. As such, UniMedia Pro strives to be at the forefront of promoting women entrepreneurship. In turn, we’re constantly educating ourselves as to what other initiatives, of a similar nature, are occurring on an international scale.

Feature Photo Credit: Somerset County Business Partnership and corporate sponsor CAR MANIA CAPE TOWN


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