Part 1: Impossible Until It’s Done

Nelson Mandela remarked that it always “seems impossible until it’s done.” These words echoed in the conscious of Michael Usendorff as he set out to hit 180 holes in 10 hours. A marathon play using only five clubs and which he not only achieved, but surpassed. I spoke to Usendorff about how it feels it make the impossible, possible.


Why golf?

My dad was quite a golfing pro himself and so growing up, golf was a natural part of my life. I’ve always believed in giving back and so golf was a skill that I had that I wanted to use to do more than just have a good time on a Saturday. It was also a means to really push myself and grow in my golfing skills. My dad always lead by example and so I wanted to do that with this initiative. Hopefully more people will look at a club and figure out how they can use it to not only move a ball forward but society in general. This time of event shouldn’t be the exception, to use golf for good should be a rule.

Why the “Els for Autism” foundation?

Ernie Els has been a family friend for years and we have seen on a personal level how much help is needed in Autism. I also thought it would be great to partner with someone has high profile with Ernie in terms of getting Port Elizabeth on the map for golf. We have a lot of untapped talent here and Port Elizabeth is far behind in terms of a golfing culture. I believed that working with Ernie would give weight to my cause.



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