Meeting with Jenna Clifford

In corporate we shake the hands of many players in this game of business. To date the most inspiring and memorable meeting for me has been in the company of Jenna Clifford. A larger than life figure that is not only flamboyant, creative, articulate but a brilliant business mind. She has the whole package and one understands the level of intensity and deliberateness you have to apply to be successful in this game. She won us over from the first moment we met and her ability to see women in golf take its rightful place in Africa just re-emphasised our reason for meeting.

She knew immediately who Sally Little was as she claims her dad was a fan of hers and so were many male golfers of that time. Can you just imagine the guts and gall of a woman to enter this ‘men’s only’ space of golf in the ‘60’s and then intimidate on the course as well! So for some they would be mesmerised by this and for others completely intimidated and most probably challenged at the same time. Jenna recalls how talented she was at swimming and went on to become a national swimmer and only wonders what would have occurred had she played golf instead?

She reckons that with 55% of the women in South Africa out in the workforce, the time has definitely come for more women to take up this game. She believes we have much to autocorrect and it is a similar understanding whilst playing golf. Are we not in autocorrect mode all the time? I do agree with her analogy of most things we do being a mind over matter.

Jenna’s focus right now is all on investing in the mind and she believes in the amalgamation of the mind. This is where we will of course proceed in joint venture with her, so keep reading for our new developments in women in golf!

We all agreed that golf has a balance and complete offering to further develop women in Africa.

For me this is the free fall.


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