Golf in Diversity

UniMedia’s Adopt a Pro initiative mirrors Sally Little’s vision that the improvement of golf amongst women and previously disadvantaged communities should transcend the glitz and glamour ordinarily associated with golf, and embrace the opportunities golf will inevitably offer.

Dhiren Mehta, founder of UniMedia Pro and an ardent golfer himself laid the foundations of the UniMedia Adopt a Pro initiative. “The opportunities to play are there, but the funding to afford their travels and accommodation is their biggest hurdle” says Mr. Mehta when discussing youth golfers of South Africa. “The co-operation of business and golf associations should afford more female golfers the opportunities to play on more tournaments locally, if we expect them to compete internationally and win,” he added.

Godrey Mphaka with Dhiren Mehta founder of UniMedia Pro
Godrey Mphaka with Dhiren Mehta founder of UniMedia Pro

This forward thinking sentiment is one that is being voiced across the globe. According to ftw.usatoday’s, Luke Kerr-Dineen: “If golf wants to grow and attract more people to the game, it simply needs to broaden its tent.”

The article goes on to quote former United States Secretary of State, Condoleeza Rice, one of Augusta Nationals first women inductees on golf in America. “I hope by elevating the women’s game and the way that we are we can attract more young women into the game. I would like to attract more minorities into the game.”

It’s easy enough to recognise that the lack of money and diversity within golf is in fact an untapped market of potential, innovation and growth. UniMedia hopes to dominate this market by celebrating and bringing to light the raw talent South Africa has to offer.

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