What little I know of SALLY


Over the last few weeks, I have worked on a variety of short articles for our blog. In this time I have acquainted myself with the Sally Little of the past as well as the Sally Little of today. Your journey has allowed you to become this amazing icon of women’s professional golf and an inspiring being to all who have crossed your path.

There have been so many lessons that I have taken from your life already, and its unfolding mysteries are only becoming more apparent to me now. You have taken the spirit of women in professional sport beyond race, colour, politics and language. It was your game that spoke volumes and superseded any politics.You pioneered women’s golf in a time that was dominated by male chauvinism in both the sport and world.  It has left me in awe of your gift and how you channeled that into becoming the person we all know today, or rather, what LITTLE we know of you.


Sally LittleIt has been a humbling experience thus far and I have a profound love and respect for you. It’s not easy working with a legend and when I think back or try to imagine what you felt when you won that first LPGA event with a surprise bunker shot, I am left breathless. Your 50 foot putt to win your first major was awe inspiring. It was the beginning of many wins, challenges and life altering moments.

Sally you are one of South Africa’s best kept secrets, but its time South Africans not only get to know you but celebrate YOU.  I have read and followed your success via the newspapers over the years and when I met you for the first time in 2014 with Dhiren Mehta at the Nedbank Golf Challenge, and he asked me; ” do you know who is this?”, I without hesitation replied: “Sally Little”

This book is in itself a celebration but has also proven to be our Mount Everest. As we ascend to the summit, our excitement has become palpable. May God give us the strength to arrive victorious.

We’ve faced our fair share of challenges from the start, but along the way we’ve learnt, bonded and grown. I could spend an entire day with you, appreciating the cold Cape Town air and just chatting about all the new things I’ve learnt about you. I admire your relationship with the media and your handling of them. It has allowed us a window into your life and beautifully shows how consistent you are in your true nature. To this day you remain a Sally Little who is so ever humble and kind.

When GOD created this world, your name was drawn from amongst the many souls, and it was decreed how you would shape the history of this world and those whose lives you would touch. I cannot see it any other way. Percy would wholeheartedly agree with me (May he rest in peace). Your gift is GOD GIVEN and not the result of any other genius.

Photos taken by Rizqua Barnes Richards

Edited by Zay Zaheera

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