Sally Little: When Legends are Born

Fire is defined as a process in which substances combine chemically, producing a bright light, heat, and combustion. It is no surprise that Sally Little, successful LPGA player for over 30 years and winner of 15 titles including two Majors, has titled her biography “Capturing the Fire.” Indeed, she is the result of numerous elements combining to ignite a flame that to this day cannot be stifled. Her passion for the game of golf has lit a spark in many young players and she has through the years continued to shed her light on the “game-of-kings” through her SNAG development programme.

In the 1970s Little relocated to America to take her game to the next level. “Little” did she know that this decision would “fire” her to an international stage which she dominated for many years. Little always credited South Africa as being the discharging force, firing and propelling her passion towards her purpose as a player. Her decision to relocate was never an easy one but her loyalty and love for her country was a motivating factor for her eminent return. Fortunately, South African golfers are now able to blossom within the soil in which their talent was planted.

Sally Little

Sally returned to South Africa with a vision to enhance and develop the women’s game of golf and has since her arrival laid a foundation that will ensure that the flame of female golf reaches greater heights in years to come.

Through her long association with corporate America, Sally experienced firsthand golf’s effectiveness as a business and development tool, something ‘the world of men’s golf seems to understand better.’ She consequently established the Sally Little Golf Clinics for Women in order to position women golfers to improve their game as well as to use golf as a platform to broaden business opportunities and customer relationships. Her biography is an ode to the game of golf, as well as to how it has shaped her into the person she is today, the struggled and she conquered to reach her goals, including overcoming what she described as “being just plain fat,” to dealing with the much needed golf elements of patience, perseverance, concentration, honesty and self-motivation.

The most surprising fact is that it has taken this long for anyone to write Little’s incredible tale – a reflection of the up-hill road women’s golf in South Africa, and the world, still faces.  There is no question that as a sportswoman the “Little” Lady has had a big impact on women’s golf in South Africa. Her book is both an inspiration and guideline for prospective golfers and the golfing fraternity in general and should be high on the literature “bucket-list” of both golfers and to-be golfers in South-Africa.


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