I am Godfry Mphaka of Soweto

The Big Easy Tour 2016 commenced at the Observatory Golf Club, Johannesburg and offered many young aspiring golfers the opportunity to compete at the highest level and prove to themselves that they’ve got what it takes to be professional golfers.

Godfry Mphaka a professional player from Soweto, arrived cheerfully and eager at Observatory Golf Club early Monday morning;with only two sleeves of balls in his bag and a glove yet confident to face a strong field of well groomed players. He was able to get a practice round in to familiarize himself with the course. “Before the tournament I told myself I am going to play well. I was a bit nervous , because it has been a while playing competitively” he remarked.

Godfry 2

The first round Godfry started steadily, but on the back nine he struggled  on the greens which cost him a few shots. “I had to stay positive, and kept telling myself it happens and that is golf,” he reminded himself.

In the second round his game improved, hitting thirteen greens in regulation but unfortunately the putter was the club which cost him.

Godfry compares the fields at home to Observatory Gold Club saying that,’The greens at Soweto Country Club where I practice is not in the best condition, and playing on these fast greens is difficult to get use to’.

He eventually ended his campaign in 96th place out of a field of 110 players, proving it is not what you have but what you make of it. At the end, Godfry, in great spirit remarked; ‘ I can do this. With some time on proper greens, I can get my feel and actually go out there and play to my full potential.  The young Sowetan will now focus on preparing for his next event and his goals for the year remains the same, to keep his tour card and have a top 10 finish at one of the upcoming events.

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