Sketching my Way onto the Course

“Golf is 20% mechanics and technique. The other 80 % is philosophy, humor, tragedy, romance, melodrama, companionship, camaraderie, cussedness and conversation.” Grantland Rice

As a serial entrepreneur that seriously gets off on being more of a social entrepreneur. I am always looking for a cause, how do we make a difference, how do we change the world? Wearing my other entrepreneurial hats, I often work in the dusty townships of Johannesburg and am continuously mesmerised by the beat of Africa and all the creativity and beauty it has to offer in all of its imperfections.

Enter the world of golf and the opportunity to be part of an awesome team, seemed like a great diversion from the norm. After all, my portfolio is one of marketing and this means serious engagement with the corporate world and being a graduate of GIBBS entrepreneurial programme, this should be a breeze in the park. At least that’s what I thought.  The reality is I am working in an extremely challenging environment, with loads of new lessons which has forced me to hold up up a golf stick and really just learn the game so I may understand the mindset better. At first glance it seems all golfers have their own language, share a different kind of  humour and have endless amounts of time on their hands. Phrases such as ‘well out, dove-tailing’,  and then the ones more relevant to the game such as eagle, hole in one, birdie,bunker  and so many more is very intimidating and I feared I might have to catch up on a crash course.

Township GolfBefore I venture off into the entrepreneurial journey, I need to make my intention clear. I have found the angle in applying my social entrepreneurial mindset. I am part of a team that intends to bridge the gap in golf economically and to ensure it becomes accessible and financially rewarding for women.

Just last night I read an article about women being excluded from a golfing club in Edinburgh. This is no more, we are here to take on this space as women as are proving to be valuable sport icons and we need to hone in our female talent here in South Africa.The first lesson for me is when hearing the men speak about this game so passionately free of inhibitions, I realize the women’s voices are quiet. I invite you ladies……and to corporate, I invite you to start acknowledging and celebrating women golfers collectively.

Sketch by Rashid Ahmad Mongezi Zolile


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