Dusty Township Golfers

One of the most remarkable things about the Soweto Festival of Golf was seeing young and old, novice and legend, white and black, and male and female players coming together to celebrate a game that has had a massive  impact on both their personal lives and professional careers.
Township GolfIt’s no secret that the game has been played in townships for as long as, if not before Gary Player and Sally Little’s era. In recent years tremendous effort has been put into recapturing moments in Township golf that defined the game on a local arena. 
Despite political pressure and limited resources the game and its attractions found popularity and were as much the talk in the shebeens as was football.
Today, many of the greats of the game who came from townships are celebrated and as a result brought about a rise of young township players, that has injected a new lease of life and colour into the game.
Watch this space as UniMedia Pro goes deeper into the history of golf in the townships and presents new faces, bringing with them a new challenge.
Photos courtesy by Deborah Leigh Mcknight <debs.mcknight@gmail.com> 
‘May the course be with you’

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