Michelle Leigh ‘Golf a Five Inch Course’

Michelle Leigh plays in the Sunshine Ladies Tour. At the tender age of 25 she proudly represents Royal Johannesburg and Kensington.

Michelle loves the game of golf because in her opinion there aren’t any limits in the game. There is ample opportunity to always play better than your last round. She marvels at the fact that you can be 80 and still play this great game. Michelle isn’t overly fond of routines or regiments. She prefers to work on any present weaknesses in earnest, but generally prefers to practice a bit of everything.

Playing on the LPGA tour and winning a major is on Michelle’s bucket list. Looking ahead she could see herself helping out junior golfers, especially in their formative years. She envisions running a junior academy that helps children both enjoy the game of golf and aid in helping them achieve any goal they have in the golfing world without limitation.

Michelle strongly believes that, “Golf is a game that is played on a five inch course. The distance between your ears” – Bobby Jones Michelle Leigh

Photo courtesy by Meghan  McCabe

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