Milnay Louw ‘It’s all about Squash’

Milnay Louw considers 2015/16 to be of her best years as a professional squash player, which saw her season include two PSA registered events. The first was the Gauteng Open in Johannesburg followed by the UCT Keith Grainger Memorial in Cape Town.

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Photos courtesy

She shares her insights on her recent successes: “Competing professionally is really something that is not easy, having to push and prove to yourself all the time with very little sponsorship involved. Every match is different and no matter the strength of the opponent, one has to be at one’s best all the time. The more I am exposed to International players, the more I am relying on my inner strength as supposed to just tactical and skill play. Every day is a new day, a new match and starting at zero all over again. If on tour and you having a good or a bad day, the result is all that matters. Anything is possible, that is why it’s so satisfying winning titles, knowing that you made it all the way”

Photos courtesy

Photos courtesy

She continues: “I am training with Calvin Deutschmann in Bloemfontein on a regular bases and he has really helped me with getting an entire new outlook on my game. It’s still a work in progress but I am definitely feeling and thinking differently now about my game. I do believe that it is extremely important to have a good team working with you and that supports you and truly gets the best out of you every time without fail.”

Upcoming events on the South African circuit will be the WP Open in June, followed by SA Nationals at the end of June and ending the SA season with Jarvis Kaplan Cup where she will be representing Northerns.

UniMedia Pro is watching this talented player very closely and will be presenting her at various squash exhibitions in Johannesburg and Cape Town to attract more corporates to the game of Women’s Squash.

Milnay Louw



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