Soweto Boy Going Pro

The Soweto Festival exceeded all expectations and delivered a great first day to all participants. It was a great day for golf and a great day for the golfing community.

Musiwalo Nethundzi scored an impressive 63, followed by Pieter Kruger with 68 and Christo Roos with 69.

Jimmy Headbush from Endaweni Media is part of the team that organised the Soweto Festival of Golf. He notes that the location of the Country Club compliments the surrounding community by bringing the youth into an environment where they can flourish. Endaweni Media endevours to create a hype that promotes golf, specifically amongst the youth.

The Soweto Golf Country Club has all the makings of a great golf institution. The history of the club is testament that this treasured course is given all the support and care it rightly deserves. As such, The Soweto Festival and its sponsors aim to achieve this very result with special emphasis given to youth development.

Gary Coleman, the golf director at State Mines Country Club believes that with any major sporting event the youth must be actively involved, especially as it creates self-discipline, keeps children off the street and inevitably opens their minds.

David Riddle from Koro Creek Golf Estate has been playing at the Soweto Country Club since the late 80’s. He believes the tournament will grow as each year passes and he along with the PGA are great advocates for the advancement of initiatives like this and all that they represent.

Themba Mahlangu from the Northwest Development Corporation has an interest in developing township economy. He hopes that such festivals will produce golfers we as South Africans will one-day boast about on an international scale. The idea of local talent on a grander scale can be a source of great pride for the country and will feed back into the community.

The weather is on point for tee off and the locals have gathered around the boundary of the green to give our golfers a proper send off. The power of each strike is anticipated as players line up their individual shots. The air is crisp and silent in anticipation of a fell swoop. As the club makes contact with the ball, eloquent, encouraging cheers are given all around.

The golfing community has rallied around this festival. There can be no doubt that the enthusiasm of the players today, has the atmosphere ripe with promise of tomorrow.Soweto

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